How You Can Help!

Dear Friends,

Our adoption journey began in 2011. There have been some ups and downs and you have always been there for us along the way. We have definitely learned a lot about adoption and ourselves throughout this process.

We would like to give you an update on our plans to start a family. We were matched with a expectant mother in January 2013, but they decided to parent so this didn’t work out for us. We were matched again in May 2013 and were parents to Ian and Ada for 56 days until their father filed for custody and a judge ruled in favor of their father.

After we took some time to heal our hearts, we became certified to adopt by the state of New York and are pursuing private adoption through an attorney without an adoption agency. 

In 2015, we moved back to our hometown in Virginia and bought our dream home! It's so nice to be with family and old friends again. We're certified to adopt in Virginia and currently pursuing foster-adopt situation. While an infant made sense for our when we began this journey, we now feel an older child would be a great way to start our family.

Our personal adoption profile website is, and you can contact us anytime at 757-606-0095. Our aim is to make a connection and get to know someone considering adoption or knows of an adoption situation. I'm still blogging about our journey along the way.

Why are we telling you all of this, and if you like, what can you do to help?

First, we are asking you to keep us and our future child’s birth and first parents in your thoughts and prayers. We know you are all really excited for us to start our family. Good grief it is taking us long enough!

Second, we ask that if you hear of an adoption situation, to please think of us. Even if you are eavesdropping on a co-workers conversation, speak up - you never know! Our first adoption match was found this way. We have all heard of that amazing adoption story where an adoption connection was made through a friend of a friend.

Finally, "Like" and "Share" our adoption Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. If you share it and then one of your friends shares it, we potentially reached 1,000s of people. You never know who might know someone thinking about adoption and then think of us.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our adoption plans. Just in case you happen upon a potential adoption referral for us, we’ll list our adoption qualifications. We‘re leaving it up to you to tell them how awesome we are! We are working with an adoption attorney in Virginia. This will be a private adoption and not one through an agency. We are home study approved and state certified, which means we filled out mountains of paperwork, took adoption education classes, had our home inspected and have been fingerprinted, background checked, had FBI clearance, drug tested and medically cleared and certified by the state of Virginia to be adoptive parents. We are good to go! 

We are cool with an open adoption with the birth family, we are happy to stay in contact with them if that’s what they want. We will also consider semi-open or closed situations as well. Our hope is to adopt a relatively healthy child up to 8 years of age. Please email me with any specific questions that you might have about our adoption plans. We will consider any opportunity that comes our way. Life has a way of handing you a perfect surprise when you least expect it.

So that’s it! We are on our way to becoming parents and are excited to adopt. Thank you so much for always being there for us and for giving us those well needed pep talks. This kiddo is already loved so much by us and all of you.


Marlon and Jennifer